About “WOW!”


The Inspiration

My grandson!  The first two years.  The print includes images at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months --- approximately.  From his infant stage to boy, all boy by two years.  I also tried to capture some of his development and his bright personality.  In March 2011 when he was visiting, he discovered the bottled water dispenser sitting in the corner of our kitchen.  He spied the lever on the crock and, being curious, pushed it and held it down.  When he realized water was pouring on to the floor and all over his feet, he exclaimed, “Wow!” 

The Print

The main elements in the picture are five half-tone images displayed on color panels over “WOW!” wallpaper.  The print contains eight colors. Two greys, one for the background and a darker one for the “WOW!” wallpaper in the background.  Five color panels were printed as backgrounds for the half-tone portraits: lavender, light lavender, split font, light blue, and blue.  The final layer was black, the half-tone images.

The prints were made on Arches 88 paper.  Images are 10” x 15” on 15” x 22½” sheets.  I used Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks.  Adobe Photoshop CS4 was used for developing the eight plates for screenprinting.  Three prints are included in the edition.  The project was completed in October 2011.

Progression Series

The print progression showing the development of “WOW!” can be shown in three images.  The first shows two layers: the light grey background and the grey “WOW!” wallpaper.  The next image shows the next five layers: the background panels over which the half-tone images were printed.  And, the final process print shows all eight layers, including the final half-tone layer.

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