About Twilight


The Inspiration

“Twilight” is based on a photograph of a farm in Central Valley, CA.  The scene was used to create two different screenprints, neither of which was captured in the photograph.  Artistic license!  This one depicts the farm in the evening, during the twilight hours between daylight and darkness when the setting sun has slipped below the horizon.  Its companion print portrays the farm at high noon, condors circling overhead.  The sky and clouds dominate both prints, they being more a study of sky than farm.   

The Project

“Twilight” is an 8 color print.  The prints were made on Stonehenge paper.  Images are 12” x 17½” on 18” x 24” sheets.  Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks were used.  Adobe Photoshop was used for developing the screenprinting plates.  Eight prints are included in the edition.  The project was completed in November 2015.

The Print Progression

The print progression showing the development of “Twlight”, can be seen in a series of three figures.  The figure on the left shows the first two colors creating the twilight sky, a very dark blue halftone printed over a blended red-orange underlayment.  The figure on the right shows the print after the next five plates: a light blue background, two reds, and two greens.  These plates provide the limited color in the nighttime scene.  In the bottom figure, the final black layer has been added.  As often the case in screenprints, the black layer gives final definition to the print itself.
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Plates 1- 8. Black  (Final Print)

Plates 1- 7

Plates 1- 2