About Siblings 2014


The Inspiration

My grandkids at 5 and 1½ years old.

The Print

“Siblings 2014” is a 5 color print.  The prints were made on Stonehenge paper.  The image is 10” x 15½ ” on 15” x 22” sheets. Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks were used.  Adobe Photoshop was used for developing the screenprinting plates.  Six prints are included in the edition.  The project was completed in January 2015.

Although the concept of this print is relatively simple, arriving at the final version proved challenging.  In deciding to print the images of my grandkids as half-tones, test images using three other styles were considered first. Coming up with the initial design concept took a couple months.

Once printing started, arriving at the final print proved an iterative process.  For various reasons, I didn’t care for the first version so I modified the design and reprinted.  The final print represents the third iteration.  Each successive iteration involved additional design elements and changes in the color pallet.  This simple print took three months to print after settling on its initial design.     

Simple is not always easy! 

The Print Progression

The print progression here shows the three iterations of the print.  The first version with a blended background and the half-tone images was printed over color backgrounds.  The half-tone images and the wallpaper seemed muted because of the backgrounds.   I decided to try another approach.  The second image shows the next version which was done in shades of grey. This version lacked color, seemed dull.  In the final version, color was added to the background frame and wallpaper.  And, a narrow contrasting border was added to the perimeter.
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