About Sailor’s Delight


The Inspiration

“Sailor’s Delight” is a picture of clouds in the evening sky over the ocean as the sun sets.  Its title is inspired by the ancient mariner's rhyme:

                   Red sky at night, sailor's delight,
                Red sky in morning, sailor's warning.  

I like the optimism and hope of the red sky at night rather than the foreboding morning sky.

This print was created specifically in response to a call for art by Pyramid Atlantic Art Center for its first annual PAAC 10 x 10 Benefit Exhibition held in July 2014.  The requirements included each work being 10” by 10” and available for sale anonymously with all proceeds going to the art center.  An unsigned print was provided for the exhibition.

The Print

“Sailor’s Delight” is a three color print printed with two plates.  The first plate was used to print a blended background: a blue grey sky with a band of red.  The clouds and sky were printed using a dark blue grey in a half tone pattern. 

The prints were made on Arches 88 paper.  Images are 8 x 8” on 10” x 10” sheets. Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks were used.  Adobe Photoshop was used for developing the screenprinting plates.  Seven prints are included in the edition.  The project was completed in June 2014.

Progression Series

The print progression showing the development of “Sailor’s Delight” can be seen in two figures.  The figure on the left shows the blended background and the figure on the right shows the sky and clouds.
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Plate 1 (Blue Grey and Red Blended)

Plates 1-2 (Dark Blue Grey) (Final Print)