About “Brothers”

The Inspiration

In February 2008, Michael visited Joey in San Francisco.  Joey’s food tour took them to Mitchell’s Ice Cream where they both got sugar cones with double scoops.  They sent back a photo to document their joy.  That photo was the basis for the “Brothers” screenprint.  

The Print

I used Photoshop CS4 to convert the photograph into a cartoon-like image and create color separations which were the basis for the screenprint.  There were 14 colors.  All the prints were made on Arches 88 paper except those with a Light Blue background which were printed on BFK Rives.  The images are 10½” x 14” on 15” x 22½” sheets.  The edition is 10.  The project was completed in August 2010.

Progression Series

To create the silk screen image, I used 14 plates.  The Background plate, the first plate printed, was printed in five different colors: Red, Yellow, Violet, Green, and Light Blue.

The next four plates were used to print the flesh tones in the faces and hands.  The same Flesh ink was used for each of the four plates.  Each successive plate was a reduction plate exposing less and less surface to ink so that highlights show on the body parts.  After these first five plates, the remaining nine plates were as follows: 6 – Mint (Ice Cream); 7 – Chocolate (Ice Cream); 8 – Blue-Grey (Shirt), 9 – Dark Blue (Jackets), 10 – Light Blue (Jacket Detail); 11 – Red (Shirt Detail, Cup); 12 – Light Brown (Cones); 13 – Grey (Detail); 14 – Black.

In all, there were basically 18 productions runs: the five different backgrounds plus the 13 other plates.

Plates 1-5

Plates 1-14

Plates 1-10

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