About Apple Country

The Inspiration

“Apple Country” depicts a country road running through an apple orchard in Roseland, Virginia.  What attracted me to this image are the sky and clouds.  I’ve always wanted to create a “sky and cloud” print.  This provided the opportunity --- and the challenge.  Turns out, screenprinting sky and clouds is not easy, at least to achieve the effect I was hoping for.  This project took two tries.

The Print

“Apple Country” is a 15 color print.  The prints were made on Stonehenge paper.  Images are 12¾” x 17” on 19” x 23” sheets. Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks were used.  Adobe Photoshop was used for developing the screenprinting plates.  Twelve prints are included in the edition.  There are also five artist proofs from the first printing.  The project was completed in April 2014.

Progression Series

The print progression showing the development of “Apple Country” can be seen in a series of four figures.  The f igure below on the left  shows the first two layers, a very light grey underlayment for the sky and a light blue halftone depicting the sky and clouds.  The figure on the right shows seven additional layers, all various shades of green capturing the sun lit trees, the grasses, and corn growing on the left.  In the figure second row left, there are five additional layers: shades of brown and tan mainly portraying the country road and highlights in the grasses.  The final figure, below right, shows the addition of the final black layer and a red layer depicting apples in one of the trees and on the ground.
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Plates 1-2

Plates 1-13

Plates 1-15 (Final Print)

Plates 1-8

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